Micah’s Backpack announces a way for donors to double their impact with a gift toward operational support during the Cummings and Ivers Challenge ending July 31. The $1,000 challenge gift will provide support for investments in the program’s infrastructure.

Connie Cummings and Joe Ivers are longtime Micah’s Backpack volunteers who have packed on Thursday nights and delivered on Friday mornings for Margaret Beeks Elementary School and Blacksburg Middle School. This is their first time offering a challenge gift.

“The Cummings and Ivers challenge gift will go a long way toward making sure that hungry children in our community have six healthy meals and snacks to eat on the weekends,” said Jennie Hodge, director of Micah’s Backpack. “Without school-provided breakfasts and lunches, summer eating for some kids in our community may be difficult. We hope to reach 150 children and youth every weekend over the school break.”

On Thursdays during the summer, the orange Micah’s Mobile Backpack bus visits Kipps and Price’s Fork Elementary schools as well as a few neighborhoods in the town and county. In addition to weekend meals, the Mobile Backpack delivers vegetables from Micah’s Garden, blueberries from 3 Birds Berry Farm, and teachers volunteer to distribute summer reading materials.

During the school year, Micah’s Backpack prepares gifts of weekend meals for approximately 275 youth to help alleviate weekend hunger. Micah’s Backpack works with more than 200 community partners to ensure that hungry children have food to eat and the knowledge that their community cares about them.

For more information, visit http://micahsbackpack.org/giving/ to make a positive difference in the lives of children from low-income families.

To donate during the Cummings & Ivers Challenge period for Infrastructure Support, Please go to our Giving page to make a gift to help support the behind the scenes operational needs of Micah’s Backpack.