Olivia Hodge was nominated by Jackie Dobson, a staff member at Blacksburg High School, for the Leading Lights Award. According to the Leading Lights organization, “Olivia is known as a compassionate and graceful community leader, who has been volunteering for more than 12 years. While enrolled at Blacksburg High School, Olivia used her strengths as an organizer and her dedication to her community to initiate a toothbrush drive, that collected over 300 toothbrushes for those in need. She is the president elect of the Better Community Club at her high school and volunteers at local road races with the Blacksburg Striders. Additionally, Olivia is a longtime volunteer and the student member of the board at Micah’s Backpack. She helped expand the program to her middle school and won a $1,000 grant to add the Givens Lane area to Micah’s Mobile Backpack route this summer.